Thursday, February 28, 2013

Daily Draw is over....Fionna and Cake


Daily Draw February is finally over. Well, it will be by the end of the night.

I think I fully expressed my appreciation for Satellite Soda and it's DDF event in my last post, so go ahead and read that.

For the final day I have done the piece below. It's inspiration was my newfound appreciation for Adventure Time on Cartoon Network. I don't know why I never watched the show before, besides the fact that I never watch TV anymore. I dunno, but REGARDLESS, I have started watching it, and I dig it.

I like Finn and Jake alot, but like pretty much everyone, Fionna and Cake stole my heart.

This is my barely changed adapted style. All I did was make her head shape more triangular, originally I was gonna give her a "real" persons face, but it just wasn't feeling right. I don't exactly like her chin this way, but whatever, if I ever draw her again I'll probably change it up.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Daily Draw February 2013

Man, what a month.

A month of complete, unequaled, badassery. Badassery so unrivaled, that it is likely the entire reason this universe came to exist in the first place.

Daily Draw February is an annual event that is held over at

Throughout the rest of the year, SS is full of awesome artists in the forums putting out exceptional, mind-blowing, reality-altering pieces of artwork that will often make any aspiring artist up-and-comer cry. Or maybe I'm just speaking for myself.

But that's beside the point. FEBRUARY. February is fucking insane at SS. There's a sign-up for the DDF event, and once it starts, a new forum is created where everyone creates their own specific SS topic. Within that topic each person records their efforts throughout the entire month. You must draw SOMETHING each day. Not necessarily draw, but be artistically productive in whatever sense. Do something, and post it so everyone knows, or at least use your thread as a journal of personal effort. Some people set goals and some set themes for the entire month, neither is necessary, but it can help to keep a general mindset for the entire month so you don't end up with a day where you have no idea what to do.

I didn't necessarily have a theme, I just wanted to work alot in Photoshop, which I had been away from for an entire year. Also to draw more women. Mostly, I just wanted to get together a bunch of new images to put into my next sketchbook, and that mission was successful.

If you are an artist, you HAVE TO go check out the DDF threads in the forum, and if you'd like, check out the previous two years also. Sooooo much awesomeness it's barely comprehend-able.

Anyways, here's my entry into MY THREAD for today.

Rabbit Warrior Chick who is awesome w/ Mallet.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Back to Blogging


It's been quite awhile, since September of last year. I got caught up in work, the holidays, and then eventually just forgot I had a blog.

Real's for losers.

Following on that theme, I've spent most of this new year drawing, getting back into Photoshop, and listening to a bunch of dubstep.

In the next couple days/weeks I'll be posting some new art, as well as stuff I've been working on since the last time I posted.

However, if you've added me on FACEBOOK then you've been keeping up with me just fine.

In the mean time, I'd just like to remind everyone I have a sketchbook available for purchase at Indy Planet, which you can see by clicking HERE.

So tomorrow I'll probably start uploading pics again, until then!