Monday, July 23, 2012

still going!

Things are still going, I continue to draw everyday, some stuff I can't show as it's potentially for money-making, but otherwise I take alot of photos with instagram of my art and share it on my Twitter and Facebook, so please follow and add me on those!

Monday, July 9, 2012


So while it looks like I was taking a break I was actually pretty busy working on stuff. Hopefully I'll be getting somehting in the mail here in the next few days and be able to show you guys. Until then, I have some quick sketches that I did yesterday.

Starting off, the master of the Killing Fist, Akuma from Street Fighter.
And one of Ryu, also of street fighter fame.

Next, a quickie of Spider-man. Haven't seen the new movie and not sure if I'm gonna see it in theatres or wait for DVD. We shall see.

Another quickie of a comic hero making another big screen appearance, Bats. This time I went for more of the movie-style cowl and ears. Always liked to draw Bats sitting on a gargoyle on top of a skyscraper...

Here's a quick landscape I did without reference, I do these sometimes just to switch it up, kinda got lazy on the mountains.

Here's one of Jean Grey aka Phoenix/Dark Phoenix. "I can't control it!"

And last but not least some sketches of my original characters, Vincent and King Grim respectively.

Until next time!