Monday, September 10, 2012

UMVC3 teams

a couple more inked sketches of popular teams from UMVC3

We got team BFF's (Wolverine, Akuma, Wesker) and team Axis of Evil (Firebrand, Super Skrull, Dormammu).

Friday, September 7, 2012

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Some of this stuff is about a a month old by now, and some is from a few days ago. I'm having trouble deciding what to post and what to leave for my new book. It's tough! I want to save everything but I need to show stuff to get people interested! I gotta do more fanart on the side to catch peoples attention. Anyways onto the biz.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Korra Storyboards

Just some Legend of Korra storyboards I whipped up in a day. A training session between Korra, Mako, Bolin and air bending master Tenzin. Check it out!

Also more advertising for my sketchbook over at!

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012



Finally I can show what I've been doing!

You can now buy my sketchbook over at!

Click HERE to check it out!


If you can't tell I'm pretty excited about it. Check it out, let me know what you think by hitting me up on here, or on my Twitter and Facebook:

Twitter- @Private_Joker


Monday, July 23, 2012

still going!

Things are still going, I continue to draw everyday, some stuff I can't show as it's potentially for money-making, but otherwise I take alot of photos with instagram of my art and share it on my Twitter and Facebook, so please follow and add me on those!

Monday, July 9, 2012


So while it looks like I was taking a break I was actually pretty busy working on stuff. Hopefully I'll be getting somehting in the mail here in the next few days and be able to show you guys. Until then, I have some quick sketches that I did yesterday.

Starting off, the master of the Killing Fist, Akuma from Street Fighter.
And one of Ryu, also of street fighter fame.

Next, a quickie of Spider-man. Haven't seen the new movie and not sure if I'm gonna see it in theatres or wait for DVD. We shall see.

Another quickie of a comic hero making another big screen appearance, Bats. This time I went for more of the movie-style cowl and ears. Always liked to draw Bats sitting on a gargoyle on top of a skyscraper...

Here's a quick landscape I did without reference, I do these sometimes just to switch it up, kinda got lazy on the mountains.

Here's one of Jean Grey aka Phoenix/Dark Phoenix. "I can't control it!"

And last but not least some sketches of my original characters, Vincent and King Grim respectively.

Until next time!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Another Chapter

While I had a decent amount of fun doing my daily themed sketches, I felt I wasn't pushing myself hard enough and really making headway into what I really want to do.

Though I suppose the main idea was to develop a habit of doing something everyday, in which case I felt I was successful. While I haven't written a post here everyday, I have still been working everyday.

So what I've done is revamped my daily schedule to have a broader scope and get alot more done in the process.

Starting with Mondays, which will be dubbed "Memorable Mondays." Mondays will be when I create a blog post that's either a review, a preview, or me just rambling on about something inspiring or nostagiac to me. This includes all media: comics, movies, video games, etc. So let's get straight into it!

I'm gonna start with a brief summary of what got me interested in art, and specifically "action" oriented stories.  I wanted to start off with something from my childhood, and there was actually a huge amount of stuff to choose from. Towards the beginning I was raised on comic books, and the early nineties is arguably where some of the most creative stuff was happening. The eighties were over, and so was the notion of  "happy go lucky heroes" that was pretty common. The nineties was all about grudge and blood and realism, which had started with some key stuff in the eighties but entertainment in general started to accept the whole grunge vibe in the nineties. So I grew up with some pretty serious stories from both DC and Image comics. Namely Batman and Spawn.

With Spawn being the badass that McFarlane had created him to be, it was really interesting as a young kid to read stories that were meant for more of a young adult audience. I still have a pet peeve for movies like X-men and the like not showing any blood. What kid doesn't know what blood is?...Anyways before I get off-topic.

Being a kid though, I still grew up with all the essentials. Classic martial arts oriented action that was inspired by Asian influences, but adapted for a young, American audience. Here's a few I don't really have to explain.

Suddenly, my local cable channels were showing cartoons that were way different, with a different kind of dramatic tone. Really interesting stuff that was coming from Japan. Stuff that was apparently called "anime" (I wouldn't really hear of this term until Pokemon came around). My first anime was called Ronin Warriors. It was my first favorite anime, up until Dragonball Z showed up.

And when I was still young, and the internet was just starting to pick up, I would wait like 45 minutes to watch a clip of some clip from Japan of Goku or whoever turning Super Saiyan, something I wouldn't see on an American television for about 5 years!! Stupid RealPlayer! I used to be all over Geocities sites looking for pictures and's so weird to think back and see how technology has developed. I would die to watch a whole clip like this video below, I would wait forever just to see about 15 seconds of that, in a terrible quality video.

A lot of these stories really seemed to stick around with me all the way through middle school, especially Batman TAS and Dragonball Z, mostly because there were so many characters and so many episodes. As I started to want to create my own characters and stories I studied these franchises and characters to figure out what made them interesting. I never read a "how to create a character and an interesting story" book. I learned about character development and the "hero story" by observing how my favorite characters were put through their trials and tribulations. Years later it's nice to look back and be able to say that these cartoons and comics still inspire me today.

Friday, May 25, 2012

The King Jester

Just a quick post with my latest pieces.

For Wonderful Women Wednesday, I drew the daughter/clone of X-man Wolverine, X-23.

And for Todays' Martial Theory Thursday I decided to draw another one of my original characters, from another story (separate from the story I've been eluding to in previous posts). This time I've drawn a character that I will simply call "The King's Jester" for now. (Ooooh, mysterious). Until tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Alright, so it's Cool Dude Tuesday.

This time, again, I decided to draw Sean from the graphic novel I'm developing, but I also included his partner in crime-fighting, Basil. Here they are enacting some justice and whatnot.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Actually, for todays Monstrous Monday, I did a sketch of one of my original monsters, Anger. If I called him Rage I'd feel like a Metal Gear Solid 3 rip off.

Anger is one of the giants from my Slumberland story. More will be revealed eventually.

Monday, May 21, 2012


Today is Monstrous Monday, but I will be making that post later today.

For now I'd like to post some stuff from the weekend, and talk about some news.

For Fanart Friday, I did a quick sketch of one of my favorite characters growing up, Vegeta from Dragonball Z. It just felt necessary.

For Sequential Saturday I did another piece of my original character, Sean, from a graphic novel I'm developing. Classic case of "guy punches a hole in the Moon."

Now for news. Now that I've had a situation that has been looming over me for the past few months seemingly blow over, I have decided to start back up on developing a pitch for my comic (with the character featured above). So while I still want to do these daily sketches, they will likely be less refined than they are now, as I'd like to start spending more time developing that project.

Most importantly I'd like to start getting alot of practice on full-size comic book boards. I'm not sure how this will affect my daily themed sketches, but all practice is good practice, so I may be posting up more sequentials and less themed sketches.

As for my videos, boards are pretty large but I may be able to adjust my setup to capture my process on those as well. For the tutorial series, it has taken a pause for the moment as I try and get everything situated.

Updates as I get everything cemented.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Catching Up (again)

Well, I had some serious business to take care of this week, but I got around to making up for everything I missed for the most part. I'll be making up for the things I don't include in today's post soon, as you will see in the next couple days.

For last weeks Sequential Saturday piece, I decided to draw one of my own characters in a tussle with a random lackey bad guy. You'll be seeing this character (Sean) around more often soon, so be ready.

For the Monstrous Monday's piece, I just decided to go with random "Thing" inspired mutation dude. I still love The Thing, probably my favorite horror movie. Haven't seen the new one though....

For Cool Dude Tuesday, I decided to do a favorite from Marvel comics, Wolverine.

For Wonderful Women Wednesday, because I am so hooked on the new Avatar series (new episode tomorrrrooow!), I decided to draw it's main character: Avatar Korra. She's pretty much a badass.

And lastly for this post in celebration of me and the entire world seeing the Avengers recently, I decided it would be appropriate for Martial Theory Thursday to draw Thor's Mjolnir hammer, waiting patiently for it's owner lodged in some rocks.

And that's it, I'll be making up the days you didn't see posted here tomorrow and Sunday so keep an eye out for those, hope everyone has a good weekend!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Too Cool

So, still been messin' around with the timelapse feature on my mom's camera, and did one of me drawing yesterdays drawing. If you didn't know, yesterday was Martial Theory Thursday, adn since I'm still playing through Final Fantasy 7, I drew Cloud again, but this time in his Advent Children incarnation. So check out the video and then the final piece below!

And for Todays Fanart Friday, I did  pretty quick sketch and ink of the King of Cool, the Sultan of Swagger, Spike Spiegel himself. Spike is the main character of a classic, super-jazzy anime called Cowboy Bebop. Still one of my all-time faves.

Until tomorrow!

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Alright, so I'm just gonna get my drawing for Cool dude Tuesday out of the way so I can get to the big news.

I drew one of the newer martial arts movie superstars: Tona Jaa. Knee-ing the heck outta random dudes face.

Now the real news is, I found out my mom's camera has a built-in intervalometer function for making time lapse videos. Here's my first try with a water color sketch for Wonderful Womens Wednesday. Camera had auto-focus and auto flash on so it kinda bounces around which shouldn't happen next time.

And the final piece:

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

This Is Madness!!

Actually, it's Monstrous Monday.

Still working on getting out of my funk (you'll see how bad it is in just a moment), but I feel like I've still been pushing to be creative and that's something of an improvement in my attitude and discipline. Anywho, let's get on to business.

A day late, here's my piece for Structured Sundays. I wanted to work on my watercolors and also do something architectural. I chose the Eifel tower. I think this came out terribly, but I had some good ideas while working on it. In case you were wondering it's much easier to make an acrylic painting look better the more paint you slap onto it. Water colors not so much....

The next piece is for today's Monstrous Monday, and I wanted to draw use some of my original characters I haven't drawn in awhile. Here we have Nemo (based on a Sundays comic strip character of the same name from the early 1900's), and Lunacy. Nemo's story takes place in Slumberland, and to make a long story short, Lunacy is one of the monsters that inhabits this dreamworld. More info and art from my Slumberland story will surface as it develops. Nemo is the character being psychadelically warped, by the way.

And that's it, until tomorrow!