Monday, April 30, 2012

Monstrous Mondays

Back again on Monstrous Monday.

I wasn't feeling too creative tonight, so I went and sketched up a generic demon of the dark.

I did however slap some water colors on it!

Yesterdays stuff

So, I woke up today and tried to scan my stuff again, and my scannerwas still giving me problems. They were even different problems from last night (now it was saying it wasn't connected to the computer, even though it was recognized by the computer). So I unplug it, try to mess with some settings, and nothing is working.

So I lightly slam my fist down on it.

It works.

Ohhhh, technology. Anyways, here's the sketches from last night.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Well, my scanner is acting retarded tonight, I assume it will be working fine tomorrow because it does that occasionally.

I did do my Structured Sunday sketches. A few sketches of my left, non-drawing hand, and one of my foot. I also did a page of empty figures where I was emphasizing foreshortening. You will see them tomorrow (hopefully).

Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Return

So, I spent the week in Utah visiting my grandmother. I never, ever though I would enjoy my stay there as much as I did. The scenery out there is seriously amazing. The mountains and cloudscapes were pretty insane. Nothing like the smogfest that is the Inland Empire. It's always nice to get a view of what the Earth was like pre-civilization. Very cool.

While I was there I kind of stayed off the internet, but you know how it is in this day and age, I gotta have my technology. So I was playing Final Fantasy VII on my psp. I miss this game so much. Probably my favorite RPG ever with my favorite characters. I especially like playing through after playing through most of the follow up games (Dirge of Cerberus and Crisis Core, though I never beat either), and watching Advent Children a billion times. I just love seeing the characters in their original setting, and now that I'm grown and can appreciate the game design and narrative a whole lot more. Even though there are some bad translations here and there, the overall script for the story of the game is so modern and fun. I totally forgot how much cursing and just flavorful language there is. It's more relatable then all the medievil old english fantasy we're so used to.

Also It's cool to go back and appreciate characters I originally didn't like, like Yuffie. I don't know why but back when I first played through the game I didn't like Yuffie, I thought she was annoying. I guess I just wanted her to be more of a badass ninja, but now she's probably my favorite character just because she's so fun. Plus her Limit Breaks are the shit, who knew? I have my ancient Brady Games guide from back in the day, so I'm gonna 100% the game, FO SHO.

ANYWAYS!! Since I missed out on Wonderful Women Wednesday, Martial Theory Thursday, and Fanart Friday. Not to mention today is also Sequential Saturday. So because I'm totally nerding out on FF7 (if you couldn't tell by my rant above), I decided to make up for each day that I missed, plus today by drawing a quick sketch for each day!

For Wonderful Women Wednesday, Yuffie!

For Martial Theory Thursday, Cloud Strife!

For Fanart Friday, Tifa!

And for todays Sequential Saturdays, Cloud vs Safer Sephiroth!

That's it, until tomorrow.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


I am in Utah visiting my grandmother. No time or scanner to post up stuff, probably be back on Saturday.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


So, it's Cool Dude Tuesday again, and I'm pretty tired so I don't have much to say. Today's dude is my favorite villain, The Joker. If you're wondering which Joker is my favorite version, it's the one from the Batman TAS series. Mark Hammill FTW. Until Tomorrow!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Monstrous Monday

So, we've made it all the way around the week!

Todays theme is Monstrous Monday, where I get to let loose and draw anything weird, surreal, ugly and evil!

Sounds fun yes? I think we have a pretty well rounded week with all the themes I've chosen. SHould keep me on my toes and push my limits.

So, onto the piece. I wasn't sure what to do for the day, and for some reason I didn't feel like going too evil, and instead went for a bit of juxtaposition. Beauty and beast in one package, I chose to draw a succubus!

So, tomorrow we start all over with Cool Dude Tuesdays!

Also, I've updated my Youtube with two videos! Check them out. Forgive me if the rhino video is too long, feel free to skip through it. I'm working on getting tools to make time lapse videos that I can just add commentary to, until then this is how I have to do it. Until tomorrow!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Structured Sundays

Sundays themed drawings will be all about structure, meaning that I'll be trying to either learn something new or work on some basics.

So for this week I didn't have anything special planned, and thought it would be cool to draw from reference, and something from wildlife. I decided to draw a rhinoceros for no particular reason.

I used one of the first images that popped up on google for reference. So credit to the original goes to...whoever.

Something new I'll be starting up is that instead of my "Sketch This" video series on my youtube being random, I will be doing a video on one of the themed drawings throughout the week. So I'm kicking that off by filming todays "Structured Sunday," though the video is still uploading so it'll probably be up tomorrow with my Monday theme reveal!

 Until tomorrow!

Sequential Saturdays

So, I wasn't sure what piece to do for today (Sequential Saturday).

I knew I wanted to have a short fight.

And I kinda wanted to do a tribute to a comic that inspired me.

I decided on Dragonball Z, and while I thought about drawing a Goku vs Vegeta piece for a bit, I decided to turn this piece into a spinoff/tribute. Originally this piece just had a nude (what I call "blank") chick in these poses fighting against this giant fat guy. Since she was kind of powering up anyways, I just made her super saiyan with some of the old school saiyan armor and threw in some obligatory Akira Toriya style rocks in the background. A good way to start off Sequential Saturdays I think!

Until tomorrow!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Fanart Friday!

I'm pretty excited for this one.

Fanart Fridays will be my themed drawing for every Friday. While my other themed days may feature other characters occasionally, Fridays is where I will express my love for my favorite characters and franchises.

In honor of Fanart Firdays starting up, and also me buying Final Fantasy 7 off the Playstation Network to play on my PSP finally, todays sketch will feature the ultimate antagonist, and #1 Soldier: Sephiroth!

Until tomorrow!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Martial Theory Thursdays

Well, guess what day it is? You don't know?

It's Martial Theory Thursday.In case you never knew what the "martial" in "martial arts" meant, it means literally "war."

Martial Theory Thursday will be the day when I draw men and women in relation to violence, war, strategy, weaponry, martial arts, etc. We live in a violent world, and so I must draw violence.

This will help me study mostly action choreography, but also costumes and weapon design.

So the first sketch to kick off Martial Theory Thursday is one of a character who embodies the meaning of war: Big Boss himself (created by Konami for the Metal Gear franchise). Snake? SNAAAAAAKE!!

Until tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wonderful Women Wednesday

Alright, so following up on Cool Dude Tuesday, I'm gonna be drawing women every Wednesday.

Thus, Wonderful Women Wednesday.

So my first piece is a random piece, of some City Gals

My second sketch I actually drew a few days ago (cheater), but whatever. It's Cammy of Street Fighter fame (created by Capcom).

So that's it for today, more stuff tomorrow, should have a new couple videos as well as my daily theme sketch reveal for Thursdays. Peace!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cool Dude Tuesdays

Sooo, I'd like to start doing at least one sketch a day, and have a theme for each day of the week.

Thus, Tuesdays will be dubbed "Cool Dude Tuesdays." On Tuesdays I will draw at least one cool male character, whether it be fanart or one of my own characters. To celebrate the first day of daily sketches, I did three sketches in pencil then did some super quick inks in prismacolor markers.

First, the master of Ansatsuken, and teacher of Ryu and Ken, Master Gouken (created by Capcom).

Second, the Dark Knight himself. (created by DC comics)

And last but not least, The Sharknife, created by Corey "Rey" Lewis.

See ya next time!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Stuff

Some Sketches:
 Heihachi from the Tekken series

Some original characters (some parodies)

And my original character, King Grim

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Instagram, Sketch This, Art Basics

So. I've been busy.

I started an Instagram account to coincide with my Facebook and Twitter accounts. I must say it is very convenient to take "stylized" pictures of my art. Auto filters are kinda gimmicky, but hey it's hip, it's cool, it's easy. I can dig it. Follow me or friend me to get see these pics as I take them.

Meanwhile I have still been working on my Sketch This and Art Basics Tutorials. My Sketch This for the week is not so much me sketching but more about my four step process to making a piece. Take a peek below.

In my Art Basics series I continue where I left off in the last video about One Point Perspective, by covering Two and Three point perspective. I have broken the Three Point Perspective videos into two parts, covering a Worm's Eye View, and a Bird's Eye View.

I'm not 100% on which topic I'd like to cover next. I may just cover the color wheel, and then move onto values and the like. We'll see. Until then, enjoy and let me know what you think!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

OPP and Inking LOL

Today I've finished uploading three videos.

In my Art Basics tutorial series, episode 3, I am doing a brief overview of one point perspective. The next two videos after this will be two and three point perspective.

Not sure if I mentioned this before, but as I release the Art Basics videos, I'd like to accompany each one with a Sketch This video, where I show you guys and gals my art process, and what I'm thinking as I go about my business. Today's sketch this show how I take my pieces from a rough pencil stage and into the inking stage. The piece I'm inking is of an original character of mine, King Grim having himself some LOL's.

In the first video I discuss what tools I use, and how I go about planning to ink.

In the second video I pick up after I've done the first round of inks and have erased the underlying pencil. From here I decide the ultimate direction of the inks, and consider line weight and little details.

That's it for today. Feel free to comment on any of the videos, subscribe to the channel and friend/follow me on my Twitter/Facebook:


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

So, today was a productive day. I got a few pieces done and recorded a few videos for my youtube channel.

While I wait for my videos to finish uploading, I'd like to mention that most of the time my personal sketches for which I am compiling for sketchbooks, concept ideas, etc. I will be taking teaser pictures of and putting them on my Facebook.

I'm going to reserve posting loose sketches and possibly fanart on this page. Basically anything I don't plan on using for publishing and the like will be shown here. Everything else will be available eventually in some other avenue.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Blogging: Starting Over

This isn't the first time I've started a blog. Once upon a time I had a blog going where I would post my sketches and also rant about my thoughts on life. This was during a phase in my life where I was learning alot about myself.

Well, things have calmed down, and while I'm always learning, I've learned not to be so outspoken and opinionated. I think they call that maturity...

Anywho, I've been going through a bit of a rebirth since the first of the year, and have been concentrating on my art more than ever. I've started using my Youtube account to post videos of tutorials of traditional art basic concepts, and also videos of my artistic process. I plan to integrate those videos with this blog, and also with my personal Facebook and Twitter accounts. The plan is to use these to help jump start a career in the arts, whether it helps me to get hired or as a way for me to self-publish and create my own businesses.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with my latest videos that I've made. Please feel free to rate, subscribe and leave comments about what you think and what you hope to see. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for future projects!