Thursday, February 28, 2013

Daily Draw is over....Fionna and Cake


Daily Draw February is finally over. Well, it will be by the end of the night.

I think I fully expressed my appreciation for Satellite Soda and it's DDF event in my last post, so go ahead and read that.

For the final day I have done the piece below. It's inspiration was my newfound appreciation for Adventure Time on Cartoon Network. I don't know why I never watched the show before, besides the fact that I never watch TV anymore. I dunno, but REGARDLESS, I have started watching it, and I dig it.

I like Finn and Jake alot, but like pretty much everyone, Fionna and Cake stole my heart.

This is my barely changed adapted style. All I did was make her head shape more triangular, originally I was gonna give her a "real" persons face, but it just wasn't feeling right. I don't exactly like her chin this way, but whatever, if I ever draw her again I'll probably change it up.

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