Tuesday, May 8, 2012

This Is Madness!!

Actually, it's Monstrous Monday.

Still working on getting out of my funk (you'll see how bad it is in just a moment), but I feel like I've still been pushing to be creative and that's something of an improvement in my attitude and discipline. Anywho, let's get on to business.

A day late, here's my piece for Structured Sundays. I wanted to work on my watercolors and also do something architectural. I chose the Eifel tower. I think this came out terribly, but I had some good ideas while working on it. In case you were wondering it's much easier to make an acrylic painting look better the more paint you slap onto it. Water colors not so much....

The next piece is for today's Monstrous Monday, and I wanted to draw use some of my original characters I haven't drawn in awhile. Here we have Nemo (based on a Sundays comic strip character of the same name from the early 1900's), and Lunacy. Nemo's story takes place in Slumberland, and to make a long story short, Lunacy is one of the monsters that inhabits this dreamworld. More info and art from my Slumberland story will surface as it develops. Nemo is the character being psychadelically warped, by the way.

And that's it, until tomorrow!

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