Friday, May 18, 2012

Catching Up (again)

Well, I had some serious business to take care of this week, but I got around to making up for everything I missed for the most part. I'll be making up for the things I don't include in today's post soon, as you will see in the next couple days.

For last weeks Sequential Saturday piece, I decided to draw one of my own characters in a tussle with a random lackey bad guy. You'll be seeing this character (Sean) around more often soon, so be ready.

For the Monstrous Monday's piece, I just decided to go with random "Thing" inspired mutation dude. I still love The Thing, probably my favorite horror movie. Haven't seen the new one though....

For Cool Dude Tuesday, I decided to do a favorite from Marvel comics, Wolverine.

For Wonderful Women Wednesday, because I am so hooked on the new Avatar series (new episode tomorrrrooow!), I decided to draw it's main character: Avatar Korra. She's pretty much a badass.

And lastly for this post in celebration of me and the entire world seeing the Avengers recently, I decided it would be appropriate for Martial Theory Thursday to draw Thor's Mjolnir hammer, waiting patiently for it's owner lodged in some rocks.

And that's it, I'll be making up the days you didn't see posted here tomorrow and Sunday so keep an eye out for those, hope everyone has a good weekend!

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