Sunday, May 6, 2012

Making Up

For the last few days, I've been in kind of an artist block. I've still been sketching a bit every day, but mostly scribbles just to keep me going and break the "meh" feeling.

But I'm back today to make up for Thursday and Fridays pieces, and of course I have the piece for today too.

For Martial Theory Thursday I fiiinally did a piece of my favorite Tekken character. One of my first favorite fighting game characters ever from the first game I ever bought, Tekken 3: Yoshimitsu. In this piece I have him in his Street Fighter X Tekken alternate costume.

For Fanart Friday, in honor of the new Spiderman coming out and actually looking pretty cool, I did a Spider-man piece. I know, I know, the villain in the new Spidey flick is the Lizard, but I felt like drawing Venom because he's my fave Spidey villain. 

 Last but not least I have today's piece for Sequential Saturday. In this piece I'm featuring the two grand masters of the Ansatsuken fighting style, rivals and brothers Gouken and Akuma.

I enjoyed making all three of these and I might go back into them to clean em up once I get out of my funk. I'm going to try to get up some new videos also so keep an eye out!

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