Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Return

So, I spent the week in Utah visiting my grandmother. I never, ever though I would enjoy my stay there as much as I did. The scenery out there is seriously amazing. The mountains and cloudscapes were pretty insane. Nothing like the smogfest that is the Inland Empire. It's always nice to get a view of what the Earth was like pre-civilization. Very cool.

While I was there I kind of stayed off the internet, but you know how it is in this day and age, I gotta have my technology. So I was playing Final Fantasy VII on my psp. I miss this game so much. Probably my favorite RPG ever with my favorite characters. I especially like playing through after playing through most of the follow up games (Dirge of Cerberus and Crisis Core, though I never beat either), and watching Advent Children a billion times. I just love seeing the characters in their original setting, and now that I'm grown and can appreciate the game design and narrative a whole lot more. Even though there are some bad translations here and there, the overall script for the story of the game is so modern and fun. I totally forgot how much cursing and just flavorful language there is. It's more relatable then all the medievil old english fantasy we're so used to.

Also It's cool to go back and appreciate characters I originally didn't like, like Yuffie. I don't know why but back when I first played through the game I didn't like Yuffie, I thought she was annoying. I guess I just wanted her to be more of a badass ninja, but now she's probably my favorite character just because she's so fun. Plus her Limit Breaks are the shit, who knew? I have my ancient Brady Games guide from back in the day, so I'm gonna 100% the game, FO SHO.

ANYWAYS!! Since I missed out on Wonderful Women Wednesday, Martial Theory Thursday, and Fanart Friday. Not to mention today is also Sequential Saturday. So because I'm totally nerding out on FF7 (if you couldn't tell by my rant above), I decided to make up for each day that I missed, plus today by drawing a quick sketch for each day!

For Wonderful Women Wednesday, Yuffie!

For Martial Theory Thursday, Cloud Strife!

For Fanart Friday, Tifa!

And for todays Sequential Saturdays, Cloud vs Safer Sephiroth!

That's it, until tomorrow.

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